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  • 02 Apr. 2018
  • Blue Mountain

Activities in Nepal

For many in the world, Nepal may be an unidentified country. This non-coastal country sandwiched between two giants, China in the north and India in the south, however, has to offer many natural beauties among the tourists around the world.

The admiration of the lifetime experience continues while you visit in this serene country. You name the tallest spots in the world; eight out of the ten highest spots is located here, including the highest peak in the world, the Mount Everest. This naturally gifted nation not only limits to this. Amazingly, you can arrange to become a part of the most exciting adventures in the world. Personally, bungee jumping is the most exciting one, but some may argue with that. For those who think it is too dangerous would probably relax a bit through paragliding. If that is too much go for a softcore mountain biking viewing nature. You can hire different types of bikes to ride on trails. Comparatively, bike rentals are cheap.

Wildlife tour is another activity that is very famous in Nepal. About 200 kilometers west of the capital city Kathmandu, you can visit wildlife sanctuary in Chitwan to face Royal Bengal Tigers. These tigers are one of the biggest of their species. They are a simply beautiful creature on earth. Some others may be more interested in the history and culture of the nation. The majority of the population practice Hindu. Some are Buddhists and some Muslims. Christians are the minorities in Nepal.

The birthplace of Buddha is located some 300 kilometers west of the capital city Kathmandu. Buddha was born in 623 BC in the sacred area of Lumbini located in the Terai plains of southern Nepal. He achieved enlightenment and became Buddha after deep meditation. Lumbini entices thousands of tourists every year. Many projects running to improve tourism aim to count the number of tourists in millions by Visit Nepal 2020.

There are many other outdoor activities you can be a part of in and around the Kathmandu valley for all the ages. Mainly people opt for a long or short hiking to the mountains. Some prefer to stay in the beautiful sites for potlucks. The weather is friendly most of the times throughout the year. Some may visit temples, museums, and pagodas. Youngsters are more stimulated through mountain biking in the nature trails.

In recent times, mountain climbing has become a new trend in Nepal. This activity has been enticing many tourists, especially from Asia. Local people in Nepal want to try conquering the highest peak in the world at least once in their lifetime. Some unfortunate accidents cost many lives during the summit of the Mount Everest. However, this has not at all discouraged climbers to make efforts. The government of Nepal is encouraging more to climb through quicker processes and effective training. This might prove the best way to attract the rock climbers around the world to visit Nepal.

White water rafting, bungee jumping, rock climbing, and paragliding fall into the same category of fun time with nature. Geographically, Nepal is suitable for these activities. Thousands of tourists from the neighbouring countries and the locals are very much into experiencing these sort of activities throughout the year in Nepal. For the shake of the adventure, all these activities are A MUST try at least once in your lifetime. White water rafting is very exotic and is popular throughout the summer. You get to come to very close to the wild water while you raft. Scream your gut out with fun while you pass the most difficult rip tides of the river. It is good to know swimming but is not mandatory as you will wear a life jacket and you will have the company of the experienced guide. Bungee jumping is for those who want to take the adventure at a different level. This activity is NOT for everyone. This is a free-fall activity. Not all candidates may be qualified for various reasons. You are jumping off the cliff and you only have a rope tied to your legs. It is fun but it takes a lot of courage to perform this activity. Rock climbing is somewhat lesser of a risk compared to bungee jumping but still a risk. Many youngsters go for this. Paragliding is one of the most fun activity you can perform in Nepal. Sarangkot hill station, some 200 kilometers west of the capital city, offers this fun activity. People take a paraglide to jump off the hill and fly in the air for 20-30 minutes before they land to an excitement.

It is not impossible to perform all the available activities in Nepal if you are planning to visit a short trip in this country. A good couple of months is required if you were to truly experience Nepal. Many other things are not included in a short blog that may be more exciting about this country. A visit to Nepal will be required to experience all the good things. The tourism board of Nepal is organizing a huge event ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ with a goal of welcoming tourists from all over the globe. The year 2020 is going to be a very special one for everyone in Nepal.


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