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  • 02 Apr. 2018
  • Blue Mountain

Biggest Festivals of Nepal

Dashain Tihar in Nepal:

It is the end of August 2019. I know the big celebration of the year in Nepal is approaching. Dashain, the biggest and longest festival of Hindus in Nepal reminds me of my childhood in Nepal. It is a sweet memory I wish I can bring back and enjoy my childhood again. Nevertheless, there are challenges to this. However, I would not shy away from enjoying the festival repeatedly if given the opportunity.

Nepal is rich in culture. Mostly, the people of Nepal practice Hinduism. With the culture comes the celebration and fun. The festival of Dashain falls during October. This is when the summer ends and the weather is gorgeous to perform many outdoor activities in Nepal. Dashain, also known as Bijaya Dashami, is celebrated for the Goddess Durga’s victory over demons.

During the festival season in Nepal, most of the tourists from the south visit Nepal hoping to escape from the scorching heat of India. The time of October is the peak season for trekking. It is highly recommended that the hotels and flights were booked on time if you want to make it for trekking this time around. It is also the busiest time of the year as locals also travel a lot for celebrating the festival. Trekking has been the leading activity of foreigners in Nepal. Due to the geographical structure of the country, there are many high and low mountains, which are the perfect invitations for the trekkers around the globe. Kathmandu, the capital city of the country is the only hub to get into the country from outside. This is where the tourists need to get permits and other necessary documents for trekking. The documents are essential to carry with you before starting with the trekking routes.

As we know, the festival is so much fun in Nepal It is the best time to visit, as you will get to see the real culture and festival of Nepal in October. The Kathmandu population is relatively low at this time, as many remote dwellers would visit their hometown during the festival. However, the local people of the Kathmandu valley will have a lot to celebrate. You will see people on the streets shopping, a lot of kites being flown in the sky, some playing cards to entertain, while some dance to the music. You may get lucky to visit one of the houses in the Kathmandu valley to witness the Hindu pujas, blessings given by the elders, and many varieties of foods to eat. Normally, the time is a happy time for the Nepalese, and because of this, I have seen some family members personally inviting some tourists to their house to share the culture and the celebration.

The festival of lights (Tihar) follows about 2 weeks post the festival of Dashain. It is yet another big festival of Hindus when people celebrate the festival of lights in Nepal. If you are residing in the Kathmandu valley, you will see the whole city with lights, happy people, and lots of delicious food on sale. The youngsters love to celebrate this festival with firecrackers while the adults celebrate with their loved ones by playing cards and dancing to the music.


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