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  • 02 Apr. 2018
  • Blue Mountain

Nepal Expedition

Eight out of the top ten tallest mountains in the world is located in the border of Nepal and Tibet. Unquestionably, the nature catches the heart of the millions all over the world. Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain on earth, indisputably, is the major attraction of all. In the recent time, conquering the mammoth height of the Everest has become a lifestyle among thousands of youngsters in the country. It is a very challenging task, but that is what the youngsters love to do.

Though I do not technically fall into the category of the youngsters, it still inspires me to conquer the Everest through Everest expedition. I plan to do that in 2020 when Nepal welcomes hundreds and thousands of tourists from all over the world to celebrate Visit Nepal 2020. For the North Americans it would have been a dream come true to climb the heights of the Everest. I tell my colleagues at work about my plans visiting Nepal and climbing the Everest, they raise their eyebrows with WOW reaction. To them climbing the Mount Everest is too cool, and off course, a lifetime experience.

Foreigners who do not have much knowledge about Nepal are reluctant to visit the country due to the alerts they get travelling to Nepal. I would call them false alarm because it is just not true. Many have visited here without a single trouble, but instead have enjoyed their moments staying in this beautiful Himalayan country. I am writing this from my own experience as I have visited this country many times in the past. What makes me really go crazy is when I hear some people discouraging to travel in this country with many negative excuses. It would be a complete lie if people think they come to this country just to view the mountains. Well, there are other hundreds of other adventurous activities to do in this country. Just to take some examples are Mountain Biking, Trekking and Hiking, White Water Rafting, Bungee Jumps, Para-glides to name some.

Certainly, the travellers need some good planning to visit this country. Blue Mountains Travels and Tours, one of the tours and travel companies in the Nepal that I know well about is in highlight these days. You will find your adventure with this company with ease and worry-free. Reasonable packages and attractive promotions make them all great to escort you. Give them a chance to serve you and you will never regret you did.
I know you probably are thinking about the cost of this and that. Well, cost to climb the Mount Everest is not as bad as you think. However, start with the base camp expedition, which is relatively cheaper. You could make it from USD 1400 to USD 1700 for about 12-15 days. This should include your expenses of permits, flights and so forth. The details are in the Blue Mountains Travels and Tours official website. As I have already mentioned there are hundreds of other cheaper activities you can do in Nepal, you should never get disappointed visiting Nepal but not able to climb the Everest.

I loved it many times and you will too. Try it for yourself and your family. I promise it will be worth every minute you spend in this country. People are always welcoming. The culture and tradition of Nepal is beautiful. People with smiles relieves all your stress of travel. Good food and hospitality of the people of Nepal will make you want to come back for more. Just be aware of some reap off travel companies in Nepal that will promise you one thing and put you in lots of trouble. Chose the one you believe in. Like I said, I chose Blue Mountains Travels and Tours and have never regretted. All I had to say was Yes I choose you and they took care of the rest. My travel was stress-free with the company. Yes, you will spend some money but every penny you spend in this country is worth it. Just be extra careful with some thugs who in the name of travel companies reap you off.


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